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The Black Tower Region highlighted on the map.

Black Tower is a Southeastern region in Haven Park.

Points of Interest

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Black Tower Campsite before any customization.

Black Tower Campsite is one of the 12 campsites in Haven Park. It is located on the Southeast area of the island, to the West of Willows Beach campsite. This campsite can gain a total of 2 campers, requiring 8 buildings in total.

Camper 1

  • Required building: 1 Rest
  • Camper: Fifi the white Bird, who wears a light blue hat.

Camper 2

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Activity, 1 Food
  • Camper: Sam the Frog, who wears an orange hat.

Black Tower campsite will all required buildings.

Camp Completion

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Activity, 2 Decoration

Repairable Items

The following is a list of each repairable item located in the Black Tower region. For a full list of repairable items, see the Maintain the Park (Quest) page.

Type Location Description Screenshot
Short Fence West of Black Tower campsite, North along the path, past Milestone "4"
Fence - Short - Black Tower - Northwest of Black Tower camp.jpg
Long Fence Just West of Black Tower campsite
Fence - Long - Black Tower - West of camp.jpg
Torch West of Black Tower campsite, past Milestone "4" on a hill
Torch - Black Tower - West of Black Tower Campsite on hill.jpg