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"Bring the letter to Mr. Berd" quest when selected in the Notebook

Mr. Berd's lost letter


Bring the letter to Mr. Berd: I found this letter, it was probably lost by the postman. I guess its recipient would be grateful to have it back.


The quest "Bring the letter to Mr. Berd" is started when the player picks up the lost letter located along the Northern portion of Wishing Well region, Northwest of trail marker "9". Upon picking up the letter, Flint will note the Recipient and Address that the letter is meant for. 'Mr. Berd', 'The Refuge, Old Castle Road'. The quest item "Lost letter" will then be added to the player's inventory, listed under "Things I have" in the notebook.

Mr. Berd's House


In order to complete this quest, the player must make their way to the Old Castle region of the map, which requires completing the "Fix the cable car" and "Repair the rope bridge" quests. Mr. Berd's house is located West of the rope bridge, at the edge of a cliff in a snowy area.