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A lit campfire at night.

The menu for the campfire. The menu options read: "Place", "Rotate", "Put out the fire", "Recycle", "Restock the campfire", "Call the balloon", "Cancel"

The interaction menu for the Campfire

A Campfire is one of the many amenities that can be built at a campsite but has the added function of allowing the player to call the Hot Air Balloon to the current location. The campfire is located in the "Rest" category of the workshop and a maximum of 1 campfire can be built per campsite.

Interaction Menu

When you interact with a campfire, it has the following options:

  • "Place"
  • "Rotate"
  • "Put out the fire" or "Light the fire"
  • "Recycle"
  • "Restock the campfire"
  • Cancel

Once the player has completed the main story, the "Call the balloon" option will be added to the list. This feature was added in an update approximately 3-5 days after the game's release.