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In total there are 12 campsites for the player to discover. Campsites can be customized by the player by interacting with the axe in a log, known as the workshop, located next to the ring of stones in each campsite. Interacting with the workshop will open the building menu, which allows the player to craft and place different types of buildings. Each campsite has a set assortment of building types and quantities required in order to have all campers visit. Once these requirements are met, an icon of a tent IconCamping Black with a green checkmark appears next to that campsite's name on the Map.

Map Page 7 8 Crop

A screenshot of the Map page of the in-game notebook, ver. 1.0.7

List of Campsites[]


In update 1.0.7, the map received a major update. The selected campsite now also highlights that region of the map with an orange circle, and if the player has fixed all repairable items in the region, an icon of a wrench and screwdriver IconRepair Black with a checkmark will appear. The camp completion indicator has changed from a just checkmark to a tent symbol IconCamping Black with a checkmark.