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"Find 8 fireflies" quest when selected in the Notebook


Find 8 fireflies: Willie from the Turtle Rock camp asked me to find 8 fireflies for his school project.


The quest "Find 8 fireflies" is given to the player by Willie the fox, the first camper to arrive at the Turtle Rock campsite. Willie tells the player that they spent all night trying to catch fireflies but that they're so fast, he only managed to catch one, which promptly escaped. Willie also says that he'll reward the player with a nice pebble he found.


Fireflies near the reservior.jpg

In order to complete this quest, the player must find and catch 8 fireflies. Fireflies can be found at night, flying around as small, greenish orbs. They spawn randomly all throughout Haven Park, with the exception of the snowy region of Old Castle. One area of the map, just East of Turtle Rock campsite, near the reservoir, spawns exactly 8 fireflies every night. Needs verification

After collecting 8 fireflies, return to Willie at Turtle Rock campsite and he will reward you with a nice pebble.

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