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"Find the 5 Snow Flowers" quest when selected in the Notebook


Quest Text.


The quest "Find the 5 Snow Flowers" is started once the player picks up any of the 5 Snow Flowers in the Old Castle region. The player needs to have completed "Fix the cable car" and "Repair the rope bridge" beforehand. Obtaining one of the five snow flowers also requires the player to have completed "Find a Royal Nose for the Snowman" and "Bring back the crown to Robin" in order to access the Old Castle campsite.

Snow Flower Quest Item

Snow Flower quest item


In order to complete this quest, the player must find and collect each of the 5 Snow Flowers in the Old Castle region of Haven Park. The Snow Flowers only grow in the snow, as is explained by the sign that the player is likely to come across after crossing the rope bridge. The locations of the Snow Flowers are:

  • Next to the sign explaining what the Snow Flowers are
  • South of Mr. Berd's house, at the tip of a thin path
  • Along the hidden path West of Mr. Berd's house, at it's Northern most point
  • In a corner just East of where the player walks underneath Robin's bridge
  • On the East side of Old Castle campsite

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