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"Find the Yellow Baron" quest when selected in the Notebook


Find the Yellow Baron: The Yellow Baron was a plane that crashed decades ago. How cool would that be to find it?"


The quest "Find the Yellow Baron" is started when the player talks with the third camper, Stuart, to appear at Atoll campsite, after placing the required buildings. Stuart tells the player that they aren't at Haven Park for the view - He's looking for the famous "Yellow Baron", and that he has the transcript of the pilot's last transmission.

...weather condition deteriorated quickly...must land immediately...flying over a mountain...fog everywhere...end of transmission

Stuart has concluded from this transmission that the Yellow Baron wreck must be "somewhere in the mountain".

The Yellow Baron


In order to located the wreck of the Yellow Baron, the player must first have completed the following quests: "Fix the Cable Car", "Repair the rope bridge", "Find a Royal Nose for the Snowman" and "Bring back the crown to Robin." The Yellow Baron is located in the Pilgrim's Peak region of the map, North of where the player lands after using the canon, North of Old Castle campsite.


It is possible to complete this quest without first receiving it from Stuart. If the player finds the Yellow Barron and interacts with it, Flint will exclaim: "The Yellow Baron! I thought it was a legend! But I found it! This is so cool! This is not something you get to see everyday." The quest will then be added to and marked complete in the players notebook.

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