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Sunshine Cove Quest Notebook

"Find the camp of Sunshine Cove" quest when selected in the Notebook

Grandmas House

Grandma's Cabin, where Flint begins their journey.


Find the camp of Sunshine Cove: This camp should be in the south-west corner of the park.


A screenshot of a forest path with a fallen tree in front of the player. Above the tree, a speech bubble reads "Press A for a hint".

The fallen tree that teaches Flint how to jump.

The quest "Find the camp of Sunshine Cove" is given to Flint by Grandma at the start of a game.


In order to complete this quest, follow the path heading WEST from Grandma's Cabin, past the fallen tree that teaches the player how to jump. The quest will be completed once Flint arrives at Sunshine Cove.

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