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Find the treasure quest

"Find the treasure" quest when selected in the Notebook


Find the treasure: This girl, Chen, told me about the legend of a treasure. She said something was buried in the sand... in the palm of a hand?... Didn't really understand that last part.


The quest "Find the treasure" is started when the player talks to Chen the bunny at Willows Beach campsite, after paying her 10 coins for information on "the legend of the valley". The legend of the valley goes:

There was an old Merchant, whose gold was abundant. His sons vile and greedy, were craving their legacy. Tired to see them fight, he did what he thought right. He traveled far way, brought his gold in a bay. Then hid it in the sand, in the palm of a hand.

Hand Shaped Island treasure quest

The Hand Shaped Island that the treasure is on


The "palm of a hand" that the legend talks about is the small, hand shaped island just North of Willow's Creek campsite. Interact with the small rock on the island and Flint will recite part of the legend, and then says "I think I found the treasure!". 40 coins will be added to the players inventory, ending the quest. If the player returns to Willows Beach campsite and talks to Chen, she will admit to making up the legend for "easy money" and apologize to the player. Flint will respond by saying that there was in fact treasure where she said there would be, and says "I guess you made up a true legend".

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