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"Hide and seek" quest when selected in the Notebook


Hide and seek: I'm playing hide and seek with Adriana. I have no idea where she is hiding.

Adriana in the Yellowfields Campsite


The quest "Hide and seek" is activated when the player agrees to play Hide and Seek with Adriana the Fox, who is the first camper to arrive at Yellowfields Campsite. When the player first speaks with Adriana, she is counting and the player asks what she's doing. She respond that she's practicing counting and ask if the player wants to play hide and seek. Flint will respond "sure" and Adriana instructs the player to count to 10. The screen will go black, with only the HUD visible, while the player counts to 10. When the world is visible again, Adriana will be gone.

Adriana hiding near the construction site


In order to complete this quest, the player must find Adriana in her hiding spot. Adriana can be found in the Black Tower region, hiding under the cliff arch near the old construction site, West of Black Tower campsite.

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