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The Lighthouse Bay Region highlighted on the map.

The Lighthouse region is located in the Northwest corner of the map.

Points of Interest

The view of Lighthouse Bay from the mountain.

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Lighthouse Bay Campsite before any customization.

Lighthouse Bay is one of the 12 campsites in Haven Park. It is located in the Northwest corner. The campsite has no clear path to get to it and is only accessible by following the shoreline or falling down the cliff after using the canon in Old Castle. This campsite can gain a total of 2 campers, requiring 8 buildings in total.

Camper 1

  • Required buildings: 1 Rest
  • Camper: Lyn the white dog

Camper 2

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Rest, 1 Food
  • Camper: Doudlie the turtle

Lighthouse Bay campsite with all required buildings.

Camp Completion

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Activity, 2 Decoration

Repairable Items

The following is a list of each repairable item located in the Lighthouse Bay region. For a full list of repairable items, see the Maintain the Park (Quest) page.

Type Location Description Screenshot
Torch On the northern end of Lighthouse Bay campsite, in the sand near a dock.
Torch- lighthouse bay - north campsite.jpg