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"Repair the rope bridge" quest when selected in the Notebook


Repair the rope bridge: Find some wood (3x) and a rope (1x) to repair the bridge in order to cross the canyon.


The quest "Repair the rope bridge" is activated when the player interacts with the broken bridge that crosses over the canyon, west of Turtle Rock campsite. The player must have completed the "Fix the cable car" quest beforehand.

The rope, next to Grandma


In order to complete this quest, the player must obtain 3 wood and 1 rope. The rope is a quest item that can be found in Turtle Rock campsite, to the right of Grandma. Once the required resources have been collected, head back to the broken rope bridge. Interact with it and it was will be repaired. 3 wood and the rope quest item will be removed from the player's inventory. Interacting with the bridge after this point will cause Flint to say "I'm quite happy with this piece of work".

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