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The "Sunshinve Cove" region of the map highlighted.

The region of Sunshine Cove is where the player begins their journey in Haven Park and makes up the Southwestern corner of the map.

Points of Interest

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Default Sunshine Cove campsite

Sunshine Cove with all required buildings.

Sunshine Cove is one of the 12 campsites Flint can discover and customize. It's located West of Grandma's Cabin and is part of the "Find the camp of Sunshine Cove" quest. This campsite can gain a total of 3 campers, requiring 11 buildings in total.

Camper 1

  • Required buildings: 1 Rest
  • Camper: Gus the Brown Bird

Camper 2

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Rest, 1 Food
  • Camper: Lisa the Orange Cat

Camper 3

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Activity, 1 Decoration
  • Camper: Dema the Brown Cat

Camp Completion

  • Required new buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Rest, 1 Activity, 1 Decoration

Repairable Items

The following is a list of each repairable item located in the Sunshine Cove region. For a full list of repairable items, see the Maintain the Park (Quest) page.

Type Location Descriptioon Screenshot
Direction Sign Immediately North of Grandma's Cabin
Destination Sign - Sunshine Cove - North of gma.jpg
Street Light West of Grandma's Cabin, just before reaching Sunshine Cove. Next to Milestone "1"
Street Light - Sunshine Cove - West of gma cabin.jpg
Street Light West of Sunshine Cove campsite, near a dock
Street Light - Sunshine Cove - West of Sunshine Cove Camp.jpg
Street Light Northeast of Grandma's Cabin, next to an unmarked house
Street Light - Sunshine Cove - Northest gma cabin.jpg