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The Workshop located in every campsite.

The Workshop is an item located in every campsite that allows the player to craft buildings. Building is a primary gameplay aspect of Haven Park. Campsites can be customized by building different amenities at the workshop with collected resources. Certain buildings require the "Master Builder" Skill to unlock. Some buildings, like the campfire and marketplace, have unique functions, while most are purely aesthetic. All buildings can be moved, rotated, and recycled after being placed by interacting with the building.

Types of Buildings[]


Most buildings in the Rest category don't serve a function, with the exception of the campfire. More information on the campfire can be found on it's dedicated page.

  • Campfire
    • 1 Wood
    • "A campfire is a must have for any good camp! Also it will keep campers warm and thus happy."
    • Note: A maximum of 1 campfire per campsite can be built
  • Bench
    • 2 Wood
    • "A place for two campers to rest their legs a little bit."
  • Beach Umbrella
    • 1 Wood, 2 Fabric
    • "Give your capers a nice spot to rest by the beach. Or anywhere you want."
  • Picnic Table
    • 4 Wood, 1 Metal
    • "This is a place where people can rest and enjoy their day."


All buildings in the Shelter category can be slept in at night, in order to skip to daytime, as long as they aren't already occupied by a camper (indicated by floating "Zzz" coming out of the building). To do this, the player must interact with the building and scroll down to and select the "Sleep" option.

  • Tent
    • 2 Wood, 3 Fabric
    • "What is a camp without a tent? It will provide 1 bed for a camper to sleep!"
  • Teepee
    • 3 Wood, 2 Fabric
    • "One bed for a camper to sleep in a cozy teepee."
  • Bungalow
    • 1 Mushrooms, 2 Metal, 4 Wood
    • "A rustic bungalow that can provide 1 bed for a camper."
  • Wooden Cabin
    • 4 Wood, 3 Metal
    • "A cozy little cabin made of wood."


All buildings in the food category are a source of coins for the player. Campers will walk up to a food building, say something like "Hey, can I get today's special?", and then pay 1 coin (or 2, if the player has unlocked the "Star chef" skill). The player can then interact with the building and select the "Collect the coins". The number of coins that building has earned is indicated at the top of the interaction menu.

  • Barbecue
    • 1 Metal, 1 Fabric, 1 Wood
    • "Sausages, chicken wings, beef, fish, or veggies, all 100% flame grilled. Get 1 coin for each sale!"
  • Icecream Stand
    • 5 Wood, 1 Fabric, 2 Coin, 2 Metal
    • "Everybody loves ice cream! For each sale, you get 1 coin!"
  • Food Truck
    • 4 Coin, 6 Metal, 2 Wood
    • "Tacos, quesadillas, burgers, pizzas, everything your campers could ever want! Every sale will give you 1 coin."
  • Tiki Bar
    • 5 Wood, 4 Metal, 4 Fabric
    • "Give your camps a little tropical mood!"


Most buildings in the Activity category do not serve a function, with the exception of the Marketplace, however some activity buildings have unique interactions. More information on the marketplace can be found in it's own dedicated page.

  • Radio
    • 2 Mushrooms, 1 Metal
    • "Adds some music!"
  • Fireworks
    • 6 Coin, 8 Mushrooms
    • "A great way to entertain your campers during the evening!"
  • Swing
    • 3 Wood, 1 Metal
    • "A simple but fun swing for one camper!"
  • Marketplace
    • 30 Coin, 4 Wood, 5 Metal, 2 Fabric
    • "Buy any of the resources: metal, wood, mushrooms and fabric."
  • Pool
    • 3 Wood, 2 Metal, 3 Fabric
    • "A small pool where campers can play and relax."
  • Big pool
    • 6 Wood, Metal
    • "A big pool with a SLIDE!"
  • Ferris Wheel
    • 11 Metal, 2 Wood, 2 Mushrooms
    • "Who doesn't like a nice ferris wheel ride?"



  • Torch
    • 2 Mushrooms, 1 Metal, 1 Wood
    • "Torches makes the place more cozy at night."
  • Garlands
    • 1 Wood, 2 Fabric
    • "Make your camp more beautiful with some garlands! The campers will love it!"
  • Flower pot
    • 2 Coin, 2 Mushrooms, 2 Wood
    • "Decorations will bring some joy to the camp for sure!"
  • Fence
    • 2 Wood
    • "A nice fence. Look at it."
  • Palm tree
    • 4 Wood
    • "A nice palm tree to decorate your camps!"
  • Gate
    • 7 Wood, 2 Metal, 3 Coin
    • "How about a nice gate for your camp?"
  • Flower log
    • 3 Wood, 1 Metal
    • "A fountain carved from a trunk and filled with pretty flowers."
  • Pergola
    • 1 Wood, 1 Fabric
    • "Protect your campers from the sun with a pergola."


In version 1.0.7, the order in which the categories are listed was changed to list "Rest" (and therefore the "campfire") first in the order. As a result, all screenshots in this page are outdated in that respect. All other information in the screenshots remains accurate.