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The "Things I Have" section of the Notebook, listing what resources the player has.

"Things I Have", or the player's inventory, is a section in the Notebook that lists all items the player has.


Resources are different types of materials that the player can find while exploring Haven Park. These resources can be collected from a number of sources, including logs, barrels, and wagon wheels strewn about the park. These resources will respawn every few in-game days, and the skills "Coin Collection", "Blacksmith", "Woodwork", "Mushroom picker", and "Tailor" reveal more spawn locations for each respective resource.

Resource Source Lost Toy Boat Crop

Toy Boat

There is a unique, 1 time use source of resources, in the form of a lost toy boat. Collecting the boat will earn the player +2 Wood and +1 Fabric. however doing so will result in Dima--one of the Sunshine Cove campers--to become upset. Flint will apologize, saying "I needed the wood".* Need to verify exact dialog


Use wood to build stuff and to fuel the fire.

Collected from:

  • Logs (+3 Wood)
  • Sticks (+1 Wood)
  • Wagon Wheel (+1 Wood)


Metal Resource Item

"Metal" when selected in the inventory.


Useful to build things in our camps.

Collected from:

  • Milk Jugs (+1 Metal)
  • Bucket (+1 Metal)
  • Crates (+1 Metal)
  • Metal Beams (+2 Metal)
  • Barrels (+1 Metal)
  • Wagon Wheel (+1 Metal)


Fabric item

"Fabric" when selected in the inventory.


Buildings such as tents and teepees need fabric.

Collected from:

  • Piles of Fabric (+2 Fabric)
  • Crates (+ 1 Fabric)
  • Barrels (+1 Fabric)


Mushroom Item

"Mushrooms" when selected in the inventory.


These mushrooms are a specialty from the region. They produce energy that can power buildings or create beautiful fireworks!

Mushrooms are unique in that, at night, they omit a blue glow, making them easier to spot and collect.

Collected from:

  • Mushrooms growing on the ground (+3 Mushrooms)


Coin item

"Coin" when selected in the inventory.


The currency of the park.

Collected from:



A little firefly that I can use to light a lantern.

Fireflies are unique in that they act as both a quest item for the "Find 8 fireflies" quest, but are also a resource used to light "Firefly lanterns".

  • Fireflies appear as glowing green balls that fly away when the player gets close.

Quest Items[]

Quest items are items the player collects that are directly related to specific quests. They are used either to begin a quest, used during a quest, or received as rewards after completing a quest.

Note - A note I found on the cable car. It says it's out of service due to a trunk obstructing the pylon.

Lost Letter - A lost letter I found on the ground.

Rope - It can be used to repair the rope bridge over the canyon.

Firefly - A little firefly that I can use to light a lantern.

A nice pebble - It's a nice pebble, I guess.

Snow Flowers - A rare flower from the region. It only grows in snow, as the name suggests.

Crown - It is supposed to belong to the guy at the gate of the old castle.

Shovel - It's very useful to quickly dig the ground.

Camping lantern - This could be useful to light a dark place.

The Gem of the Black Tower - This precious gem was hidden in the depths below Black Tower

Tractor wheel - It could be useful to fix the tractor near Yellowfields