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Western Creek Region Crop

The Western Creek Region highlighted on the map.

The Western Creek region is located on the Southwestern side of the map, North of Sunshine Cove.

Points of Interest[]

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Western Creek Campsite

Western Creek Campsite before any customization.

Western Creek is one of the 12 campsites in Haven Park. It is located on the Southwestern edge of the map, Northwest of Sunshine Cove campsite. This campsite can gain a total of 2 campers, requiring 8 buildings in total.

Camper 1[]

  • Required building: 1 Rest
  • Camper: Tiago the white Dog

Camper 2[]

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Rest, 1 Decoration, 1 Activity
  • Camper: Annie the black Dog
Western Creek campsite complete

Western Creek campsite will all required buildings.

Camp Completion[]

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Rest, 1 Food

Repairable Items[]

The following is a list of each repairable item located in the Western Creek region. For a full list of repairable items, see the Maintain the Park (Quest) page.

Type Location Description Screenshot
Short Fence Up the hill path at the Southeast corner of Dead Lake
Fence - Short - Western Creek - Up hill southeast corner of Dead Lake
Street Light Southeast of Dead Lake, on a hill next to a wooden bench
Street Light - Western Creek - Southeast Dead Lake on hill
Torch Immediately West of Dead Lake, before Milestone "2"
Torch - Western Creek - West of Dead Lake
Torch North of Dead Lake. West of Milestone "3", next to the three-way Direction Sign.
Torch - Western Creek - North of Dead Lake