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The Willows Beach Region highlighted on the map.

The Willows Beach region is located on the Southeast corner of the map.

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Willows Beach Campsite before any customization.

Willows Beach is one of the 12 campsites in Haven Park. It is located on the Southeast corner of the island, East of the Black Tower campsite. This campsite can gain a total of 2 campers, requiring 8 buildings in total. Despite it's name, the actually campsite does not extend onto the beach and thus can not be built on. One of the campers, Chen the bunny, can give the player the quest "Find the treasure".

Camper 1

  • Required buildings: 1 Rest
  • Camper: Chen the light grey bunny

Camper 2

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Food, 1 Activity
  • Camper: Miko the black bird, who wears a red beanie

Willows Beach campsite will all required buildings.

Camp Completion

  • Additional buildings: 1 Shelter, 1 Rest, 1 Food, 1 Decoration

Repairable Items

The following is a list of each repairable item located in the Willows Beach region. For a full list of repairable items, see the Maintain the Park (Quest) page.

Type Location Description Screenshot
Street Light East of Grandma's Cabin, across the bridge, past Milestone "5"
Street Light - Willows Beach - East of gma cabin.jpg
Torch South of Willows Beach campsite, along the shore near a dock
Torch - Willows Beach - South of Willows Beach camp.jpg
Torch West of Willows Beach campsite, along the path winding through the hill
Torch - Willows Beach - West of Willows Beach campsite.jpg